WordPress speed up service


Make your webpages load lighter and faster using the comprehensive approach of Speed Up service service by TRAZKA


TRAZKA skilled professional team will speed up your WordPress’s pages. We’ll compress the image files without quality losses. The website will be cleaned of the unnecessary plugins that take a toll on the general loading speed of the website, yet we’ll preserve everything that is needed in order for the website to be working properly.

What we’ll do?

  1. At the beginning we’ll check the WordPress webiste, see what theme and plugins are installed, check the overall speed and after that we’ll give you an comprehensive info what should be done, what elemen’s sholud be change to a simillar lighter version.
  2. Next, we’ll do an images optimization with Smush Pro to get images and website lighter and faster,
  3. We’ll install for free WordPress plugin SwiftPerformance Pro for caching and speed up the website. One license of the pro version Swift is included!

Using the SwiftPerformance Pro plugin, we’ll activating:

  • Caching service – Swift Performance provides an intelligent, modern caching system. You can even cache AJAX request, dynamic pages, and you can add exceptions (URL, page or content based rules).
  • Image Optimization service – To achieve the best performance you have to optimize your images. Swift Performance provides a highly customizable, unlimited Image Optimizer.
  • Database Optimization – Keeping your database clean is extremely important for speed. Swift Performance has a built in DB Optimizer to maintenance WordPress database.
  • CSS & JS Optimization – One of the most important thing for performance is optimize the delivery of static resources. Swift Performance not only combines and minifies the CSS files, but generates the Critical CSS for each page automatically.
  • Plugin Organizer – With Plugin Organizer you can disable plugins on certain pages, and let plugins run only where it is really necessary.
  • Gzip compression will make website load even faster.

If you have a question about a product or a service just ask. We will answer as soon as is possible